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Provided below are some useful environmental documents and diagrams that are provided free for others to use at their own risk.

Useful chlorination and pipe volume calculator
This allows simple and quick calculation for chlorination of water infrastructure
Useful chlorination calculations.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [13.0 KB]
Calculator for determining falls for foul drainage pipe lines
Foul drains have to be laid with a specific fall dependant on pipe size to ensure correct function - too steep and the liquid will leave the solids behind, too shallow and it won't drain freely. This calculator accurately calculates the fall needed over any given distance.
Fall calculator.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [10.6 KB]
Calculator for determining surface area for soak-away/drainage field area for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants
The surface area of a soak-away/drainage field must be correctly calculated to ensure that it works correctly. As a minimum the percolation test should be completed at least three times from several trial pits representative of the area of the proposed soak-away.
Percolation test calcs.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.4 KB]
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