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Case Environmental is a consultancy based in Teignmouth, near Exeter, covering Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, London and if required, other national and international destinations.  Case Environmental provides a diverse range of services from one-off reports for private individuals to developing & delivering large infrastructure projects.


Drinking Water    If you are looking to install a new source, buying a property with a private supply and don't know what way to proceed or looking to improve/develop an existing source, Case Environmental can provide educated and unbiased consultancy advice.  We can offer a sound and thorough knowledge of the relevant regulations and explain what they mean to you.   Past problems solved have been from bacterial contamination to radioactivity!  Security advice can also be given where the supply/infrastructure maybe subject to malicious interference. 


Environmental Assessments for estate agents and prospective home buyers    Many rural properties/farms have their own water supplies, sewage treatment and fuel supplies.  It is very common for such assets to be in poor condition and in need of improvement; depending on the asset and the work needed this can be expensive.


Sampling & Testing    Case Environmental can test samples for virtually any parameter needed. From a simple bacteria test to radiochemistry and everything in between including asbestos.  Sample collection and analysis is quick and completed in a fully UKAS accrediated laboratory.


Chlorination Services    Installed a new, over-sized service pipe recently?  You'll need a chlorination certificate before your water company will connect it to the mains.  Please see our chlorination and disinfection services page for more information.


Legionella    Case Environmental also provides consultancy advice on legionella control, prevention, risk assessments, monitoring, sampling, improvements and what your obligations are.  This is applicable to many types of water systems; from plumbing, air-conditioning to swimming pools and spas.

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